BlackBerry Dynamics
Runtime library for macOS applications
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Class List

Interfaces, protocols and structs in the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime library:
GDAppEventEvent dispatched from the Good Dynamics Runtime
GDAppServerApplication server configuration
<GDAuthTokenDelegate>Delegate for handling the results of BlackBerry Dynamics authentication token requests
GDCacheControllerControl the secure authentication cache
GDConnectivityManagerBlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure connection management
GDCReadStreamNSInputStream subclass for reading files that are in the secure store
GDCWriteStreamNSOutputStream subclass for writing files in the secure store
GDDiagnosticBlackBerry Dynamics diagnostic checks and information
GDFileHandleFile handle access to the secure file system
GDFileManagerSecure File System
GDKerberosAuthHandlerManage the BlackBerry Dynamics cache of Kerberos credentials (C++)
GDLogManagerBlackBerry Dynamics log manager
GDMacGood Dynamics Runtime object interface, including authorization
<GDMacDelegate>Handler for events dispatched from the Good Dynamics Runtime, including authorization events
GDPersistentStoreCoordinatorNSPersistentStoreCoordinator subclass that supports an encrypted binary store type in Core Data
GDPushChannelManage Push Channel tokens and notifications
<GDPushChannelDelegate>Delegate for handling GDPushChannel state transitions and received Push Channel notifications (deprecated)
GDPushConnectionManage Push Channel connection (deprecated)
<GDPushConnectionDelegate>Delegate for handling GDPushConnection state transition (deprecated)
GDReachabilityBlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure connection status
GDServiceAppKinetics service provider
GDServiceClientAppKinetics service consumer
<GDServiceClientDelegate>Handler for AppKinetics consumer events
<GDServiceDelegate>AppKinetics service provider implementation
GDServiceDetailDetails of a provided service
GDServiceProviderService provider details
GDStateBlackBerry Dynamics run-time state
GDURLLoadingSystemManage access across the firewall via the URL Loading System
GDUtilityBlackBerry Dynamics authentication token request
GDVersionBlackBerry Dynamics entitlement version
NegotiateSchemeGSS programming interface, including SPNEGO (C++)
NSURLCache(GDURLCache)NSURLCache category with additional features