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GDServiceProvider Class Reference

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#import <GDServiceProvider.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is used to return information about a service provider. See getServiceProvidersFor: (GDMac). An instance of this class either represents a front-end application, running on a mobile device or computer, or a back-end server.

The information returned for a server could be used to establish HTTP or TCP socket communications with an instance of the server.

Property Documentation

- (NSString*) identifier [read, write, assign]

BlackBerry Dynamics entitlement identifier of the service provider.

- (NSString*) version [read, write, assign]

BlackBerry Dynamics entitlement version of the service provider.

- (NSString*) name [read, write, assign]

Display name of the service provider.

- (NSString*) address [read, write, assign]

Native application identifier of the service provider, if it is an application.

- (NSImage*) icon [read, write, assign]

Application icon of the service provider, if it is an application and an icon has been uploaded by the developer, and the icon data has been retrieved. Otherwise, nil. See also the iconPending property, below.

- (BOOL) iconPending [read, write, assign]

Flag for whether there is an application icon that hasn't yet been retrieved.

Check this property if the icon property is nil. If this property is YES then there is an icon for the service provider that hasn't yet been retrieved by the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime. A GDAppEvent with type GDAppEventServicesUpdate will be dispatched when the icon has been retrieved.

If the icon property is nil, and this property is NO, it means that there is no application icon.

- (NSArray*) serverCluster [read, write, assign]

Collection of GDAppServer objects, each representing an instance of a server that provides the service. If there is more than one then the application should use a server selection algorithm, such as that outlined under the Application Server Selection heading in the getApplicationConfig (GDMac) documentation.

- (NSArray*) services [read, write, assign]

Collection of GDServiceDetail objects, each representing a provided shared service.

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