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GDCredentialsProfile Struct Reference

User Credential profile. More...

#include <BlackBerryDynamics/GD/GDCredentialsProfile.h>


This structure is used to represent a User Credential profile (UCP) from the enterprise BlackBerry Dynamics management console.

See also
Certificate Credential Import

Public Attributes

char * id
 Identifier. More...
GDCredentialsProfileState state
 Current or latest state. More...
char * type
 Profile type (reserved for future use). More...
char * name
 Display name. More...
bool required
 Required flag. More...
char * providerSettings
 Additional settings from the credential provider. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ id

char* id

Null-terminated string containing the identifier of the profile.

The value of this element:

◆ state

The current or latest state of the UCP, see GDCredentialsProfileState for descriptions.

◆ type

char* type
This is deprecated and may be removed in a future release. Use GDCredentialsProfile_type().

NULL-terminated string containing an identifier of the profile type.

If "localCertProvider", then the system will decide which profile will manage the credential based on certificate properties configured in the device-based UCP.

If "localCertProvider2", then the app must specify the profile identifier when importing the credential.

◆ name

char* name

Null-terminated string containing a display name of the profile. The display name is suitable for use in the application user interface.

◆ required

bool required

Boolean value for whether a valid credential must be imported.

◆ providerSettings

char* providerSettings

Additional settings can be attached to a UCP by the credential provider. Attachment takes place at the BlackBerry Dynamics enterprise management console. The settings are conveyed by BlackBerry Dynamics, but are otherwise opaque to the infrastructure and can be in any format. For example, the settings could be a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) string.

If no additional data has been attached to the UCP, this element will be null.

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