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GDCredentialsProfile.h File Reference
#include "GDCommon.h"


struct  GDCredentialsProfile
 User Credential profile. More...
struct  GDCredentialsProfileEvent
 User Credential profile event. More...


enum  GDCredentialsProfileState {
 User Credential profile states. More...
enum  GDCredentialsProfileType {
 User Credential profile type. More...


GDCredentialsProfileType GDCredentialsProfile_type (const char *profileId)
 Return the profile type. More...
typedef void(* GDCredentialsProfileEventCb) (const struct GDCredentialsProfileEvent event, void *appData)
 Type for User Credential profile callback implementation. More...
void GDCredentialsProfile_register (GDCredentialsProfileEventCb cb, void *appData)
 Register for notification of User Credential profile state changes. More...
void GDCredentialsProfile_register_type (GDCredentialsProfileType type, GDCredentialsProfileEventCb cb, void *appData)
 Register User Credential profile. More...
bool GDCredentialsProfile_is_type_registered (GDCredentialsProfileType type)
 Check if registered for a User Credential profile type. More...
bool GDCredentialsProfile_list (size_t *profileCount, struct GDCredentialsProfile **profiles, struct GDError *error)
 List User Credential profiles. More...
int GDCredentialsProfile_days_until_expiry (const char *profileId)
 Days until the next credential expires. More...
int GDCredentialsProfile_days_until_renewal_due (const char *profileId)
 Days until the next credential is due to be renewed. More...
void GDCredentialsProfile_begin_enrolment (const char *profileId)
 Begin enrolment for a User Credential profile. More...
void GDCredentialsProfile_begin_enrolment_type (GDCredentialsProfileType type)
 Begin enrolment for all User Credential profiles of the same type. More...
bool GDCredentialsProfile_can_reset_type (GDCredentialsProfileType type)
 Determine whether a User Credential profile of a specific type can be reset. More...
void GDCredentialsProfile_reset_type (GDCredentialsProfileType type)
 Reset all the User Credential profiles of the same type. More...
void GDCredentialsProfile_free (struct GDCredentialsProfile *profiles, size_t profileCount)
 Free a returned profiles buffer. More...
void GDCredentialsProfile_unregister (void)
 Unregister from notification of app-based User Credential profile state changes. More...
void GDCredentialsProfile_unregister_type (GDCredentialsProfileType type)
 Unregister from notification of User Credential profile state changes. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ GDCredentialsProfileType

Values in this enumeration represent the possible kinds of User Credential profiles (UCPs).


Unkown User Credential profile type.


App-based User Credential profile.


Device User Credential profile.

Device-based User Credential profile, otherwise known as a User Credential profile with a Native Keystore connector


User Certificate profile.

User Certificate profile otherwise known as Manual Upload that allows users to upload (to UEM Server) password protected PKCS#12 files containing their credentials.


Assisted SCEP User Credential profile.


Entrust User Credential profile.


PKI Connector User Credential profile.

Function Documentation

◆ GDCredentialsProfile_type()

GDCredentialsProfileType GDCredentialsProfile_type ( const char *  profileId)

Return the kind of User Credential profile (UCP).

profileIdNull-terminated string containing the UCP ID.
GDCredentialsProfileType UCP type.