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BlackBerry Dynamics secure communication can be used to exchange data between the front-end application, on the device or desktop, and a back-end application server. The application server can be on the Internet, or behind the enterprise firewall. Communication through the enterprise firewall utilizes the BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure, which is secure.

Secure communication cannot be accessed until BlackBerry Dynamics authorization processing is complete, see under GDAndroid.authorize. In case the application's or the user's authorization is withdrawn, secure communication isn't accessible for the duration of the withdrawal.

A single BlackBerry Dynamics application can communicate with multiple application servers.

Secure communication programming interfaces are provided for TCP sockets, and for HTTP requests. In both cases, use of a Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) is supported.

Enterprise server connection notes

BlackBerry Dynamics secure communication can be used to connect to servers that are behind the enterprise firewall. This applies to socket connections and HTTP requests. Note the following when using this capability.

The addresses of any application servers to which connection is being made must be configured in the enterprise management console. The address could be registered as the application's server, or as an additional server, for example.

Note. The application server configuration set in the management console can be obtained in the application code by using the GDAndroid.getApplicationConfig method.

The connection to the application server will be made through the BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure. The status of the application's connection to the proxy infrastructure can be checked and monitored by using the GDNetworkInfo interface.

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class  GDConnectivityManager
 BlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure connection management. More...
class  GDHttpClient
 Secure communications subclass of Apache DefaultHttpClient. More...
class  GDNetUtility
 BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure network utilities. More...
class  GDNetworkInfo
 BlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure connection status. More...
class  GDSocket
 TCP sockets, supporting SSL/TLS and communication across the firewall. More...