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For a comprehensive development guides please see the BlackBerry Dynamics Android Developer Guide on the BlackBerry Docs website.

System administration tasks

BlackBerry Dynamics application developers might need to do system administration tasks from time to time.

For example:

  • Manage and configure applications.
  • Set up entitlements.
  • Manage end user accounts for development and testing.
  • Block or wipe individual application instances, or take other container management actions.
  • Generate activation credentials.
  • Configure back-end end points and server connections.
  • Configure authentication, security, and compliance policies.
  • Manage services.

Most of these tasks will involve use of the enterprise BlackBerry Dynamics management console, either Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) or legacy Good Control (GC).

Instructions may be found in the following locations.

  • The 'Deploying your BlackBerry Dynamics app' section within the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK Guide.
  • The online help in the BlackBerry Dynamics management console user interface.

Build Time Configuration

BlackBerry Dynamics utilizes a number of capabilities of the operating system that require build-time configuration. See Build-Time Configuration.

Enterprise Simulation Mode

BlackBerry Dynamics applications can be run in a mode in which the authentication of the end user at the enterprise is only simulated. See Enterprise Simulation mode.

Application User Interface Restrictions

The application user interface must observe a number of restrictions in order to enable monitoring by the runtime. See Application User Interface Restrictions.

Screen Capture Control

The BlackBerry Dynamics runtime controls the built-in screen capture capability of Android devices to enable the security risk to be managed without blocking software development activities. See Screen Capture Control.


The processing activity of the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime is logged, by the runtime itself. See Runtime activity log

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