• BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Runtime library for Android applications
GDAppEventListener Interface Reference

Handler for events dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime, including authorization events. More...


Transitions in the BlackBerry Dynamics authorization state can be handled by creating a class that implements this interface. This interface can also be used to handle other events dispatched from the runtime, for example notifications that application policy settings have changed.

There are two interfaces for receiving notifications of these errors and state changes. See under Authorization State Transition Notification Interfaces in the GDAndroid description for a comparison of the two.

Public Member Functions

void onGDEvent (GDAppEvent event)
 Callback for all events. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ onGDEvent()

void onGDEvent ( GDAppEvent  event)

The callback is invoked whenever a BlackBerry Dynamics runtime object event occurs. Runtime object events include authorization results, see GDAndroid.authorize for details.

eventGDAppEvent populated with details of the event.