• BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Runtime library for Android applications
GDAppEvent Class Reference

Event dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime. More...


This class is used to deliver events to the GDAndroid event handler in the application. See GDAppEventListener.

Public Member Functions

final String getMessage ()
 Textual description of the event. More...
final GDAppResultCode getResultCode ()
 Numeric result code. More...
final GDAppEventType getEventType ()
 Numeric event type. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMessage()

final String getMessage ( )

This method returns a textual description of the event. The text is suitable for display to the end user, at least for reporting diagnostic information for support purposes.

◆ getResultCode()

final GDAppResultCode getResultCode ( )

This method returns a numeric result code. For success events, the GDErrorNone code is used. Other values in the GDAppResultCode enumeration are used for errors.

◆ getEventType()

final GDAppEventType getEventType ( )

This method returns a numeric type code. To determine the type of event being notified, compare the returned value to the constants in the GDAppEventType enumeration.