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GDSplashScreenCustomizer Class Reference

Display a custom view controller instead of the default BlackBerry Dynamics splash screen. More...

#import <GDSplashScreenCustomizer.h>

Inherits NSObject.


When a BlackBerry Dynamics applications becomes inactive by default a BlackBerry branded splash screen is shown. This screen contains a BlackBerry logo in the center with no text. It is shown when the user sends the app to the background, transitions between apps, or when a system alert is displayed.

There are two ways to customize the BlackBerry branded splash screen.

Build-time splash screen replacement

Add a value to your application plist using the key 'UILaunchStoryboardName'. When this value is configured, the runtime will attempt to instantiate a splash screen from the storyboard with this name. By default in Xcode the name will be 'LaunchScreen'.

Runtime splash screen replacement

To customize the splash screen during the life-cycle of your application, for example to handle the user experience for specific system events, use this class and its associated delegate. This will enable you to replace the build-time splash screen with a custom view controller.

Class Methods

(nonnull instancetype) + sharedInstance
 Class method which returns a unique instance of GDSplashScreenCustomizer singleton class. More...


id< GDSplashScreenCustomizerDelegate > _Nullable splashScreenCustomizerDelegate
 An object that acts as a delegate and enables an application to display a custom view controller. More...

Method Documentation

◆ sharedInstance

+ (nonnull instancetype) sharedInstance

Obtain a unique instance of the GDSplashScreenCustomizer singleton class.

Property Documentation

◆ splashScreenCustomizerDelegate

- (id<GDSplashScreenCustomizerDelegate> _Nullable) splashScreenCustomizerDelegate

If an application sets its own object as splashScreenCustomizerDelegate then the GDSplashScreenCustomizerDelegate protocol callback method customSplashScreenViewController will be called prior to displaying a splash screen. This enables the application to set a custom view controller instead of the default BlackBerry Dynamics splash screen.

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