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<GDSplashScreenCustomizerDelegate> Protocol Reference

Delegate for handling GDSplashScreenCustomizer callback when a splash screen is about to be displayed. More...

#import <GDSplashScreenCustomizer.h>

Inherits <NSObject>.


The GDSplashScreenCustomizerDelegate protocol includes a single property which enables an application to display a custom view controller instead of the default BlackBerry Dynamics splash screen when an application becomes inactive.


__kindof UIViewController *_Nullable customSplashScreenViewController
 If current property returns a custom view controller, then it will be displayed instead of the default BlackBerry Dynamics splash screen. More...

Property Documentation

◆ customSplashScreenViewController

- (__kindof UIViewController* _Nullable) customSplashScreenViewController

The getter method of this current property is called on the main thread right before the splash screen is displayed. Due to this, it is essential to make sure the current method does not carry out intensive computations as it might slow down the responsiveness of the user interface.

If the application accesses underlying instance variables from a background thread, access to the current property must be synchronized.

Note: customSplashScreenViewController.view should cover the whole application screen and be opaque, otherwise the underlying BlackBerry Dynamics splash screen will show through.

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