Data types


Type Description
Access password An access password. For example, an access key for a BlackBerry Dynamics app.
Access passwords A collection of access passwords.
Activation password A user activation password to activate devices against the system.
Activation passwords A collection of user activation passwords.
Application An application instance defined in the system.
Application Server An application server instance defined in the system.
Application Servers A collection of application servers.
Application assignment An application that is or that can be assigned, for example to a user or group.
Application assignments A collection of application assignments.
Applications A collection of applications.
Authorization request Basic information required to generate an authorization header for authenticated API calls.
Certificate A certificate defined in the system.
Command A command to send. For example, to lock a device.
Device A device defined in the system.
Devices A collection of devices
Directory user User in a company directory.
Directory users A collection of directory users.
Disposition Supported disposition types.
Email template An email template used for sending activation information or compliance violation notification emails.
Email template types Supported email template types
Email templates A collection of email templates.
Enrollment types Supported device enrollment types.
Error A more detailed description of an error. The Content-Type response header will be application/vnd.blackberry.error-v1+json when this is returned.
Feature A license feature
Feature Usage Feature consumption information
Group A user group defined in the system.
Groups A collection of user groups.
Installation status Supported installation statuses.
License Info Additional license details per license type
Licensed Service A licensed service
Licensed Usage License consumption information and a breakup of consumption per feature
Licensing Information Licensing information details for an organization
Link A link related to a resource.
Message of the Day Contains a message related to licensing services
Organization Status Licensing status summary for an organization
Profile A profile instance defined in the system.
Profile categories Supported profile categories
Profiles A collection of profiles.
Server A server in the system.
Server service A service installed on a server.
Servers A collection of servers.
Service Represents a service. For example, MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a service that can be associated with a user so that their devices can be managed.
Service assignment Represents a service that can be assigned. For example, MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a service that can be assigned to a user so that their devices can be managed.
Service assignment statuses Supported service assignment statuses
Service assignments A collection of service assignments.
Service connection A service connection on a server.
Suggested License Suggested license information for unlicensed features
System info System information.
Unlicensed Usage Unlicensed usage details
User A user in the system.
User custom variable A custom variable that is set for a user.
User detail Details of a user in the system.
User device A user device defined in the system.
User device application An assigned or installed user device application.
User device applications A collection of user device applications.
User devices A collection of user devices.
Users A collection of users