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  • Security library for Android applications
DeviceChecker Class Reference

Execute the checks related to the device security and software. More...


By default device checks will be run when the application is launched (cold start) and any risks notified via the ThreatStatus notification. However as the status of a user's device could change whilst an application is running, it may in some circumstances be advisable to re-run the checks. For example, when a user requests to make an financial transaction or is asked to enter sensitive information.

Public Member Functions

void checkDeviceSecurity ()
 Execute the device security checks. More...
void checkDeviceSoftware ()
 Runs all checks configured within DeviceSoftwareRules. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ checkDeviceSecurity()

void checkDeviceSecurity ( )

Check for the following security issues on the device.

  • Has the device been rooted.
  • Is a debugger attached to an application process.
  • Is the device in developer mode.
  • Check for methods in your application which have been hooked.
  • Has disk encryption been enabled.
  • Has a screenlock been configured by the user.

Use ManageRules.setDeviceSecurityRules to configure which rules are evaluated.

◆ checkDeviceSoftware()

void checkDeviceSoftware ( )

Evaluate if the device and software meets the minium security requirements.

These include:

  • Checking that the security patch level and OS version meets the minimum requirements.
  • Flagging if the application is running on a specific manufacturers device whose software or version of Android is deemed to be untrustworthy.