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GDCredential Struct Reference

#include <BlackBerryDynamics/GD/GDCredential.h>


This structure is used to represent user identity electronic certificate credentials that are stored in the BlackBerry Dynamics secure store.

A user identity credential:

  • Includes exactly one leaf certificate, also known as the user client certificate.
  • May include auxiliary intermediate certificates that represent the chain of trust from the leaf to a Certificate Authority (CA).

The auxiliary certificates don't include a certificate for the trusted root CA itself.

These credentials are part of the BlackBerry Dynamics app-based User Credentials Profile (UCP) configuration.

The GDCredential_list function returns instances of this structure.

Public Attributes

struct GDX509CertificateuserCertificate
 Leaf certificate. More...
size_t auxCount
 The number of auxiliary certificates. More...
struct GDX509CertificateauxCertificates
 Auxiliary intermediate certificates. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ userCertificate

struct GDX509Certificate* userCertificate

The leaf or user client certificate, encapsulated in a GDX509Certificate structure.

◆ auxCount

size_t auxCount

A size_t representation of the number of auxiliary certificates in this structure. The count doesn't include the leaf certificate, of which there is always one.

◆ auxCertificates

struct GDX509Certificate* auxCertificates

The auxiliary intermediate certificates, represented as one of the following.

  • An array of GDX509Certificate structures, if auxCount is more than zero.
  • NULL if auxCount is zero.

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