BlackBerry Spark Communications Services for iOS  1.9.0
BBMSyncStartMessage Class Reference
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Instance Methods

(id) - initWithPasscode:
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(NSString *) - requestData
(NSDictionary *) - requestDict


NSString * passcode
BBMSyncStartMessageAction action

Detailed Description

Represents the syncStart protocol message.

This message is only used by applications that use the BlackBerry Key Management Service (KMS). When the 'setupState' is 'SyncRequired', your application must examine the 'syncPasscodeState' global.If the 'syncPasscodeState' is 'None', then your application must wait until 'syncPasscodeState' changes to another value.If the 'syncPasscodeState' is 'New', then bbmcore has not found any existing sync data in KMS for this identity and it must create new sync data. Your application must send 'syncStart' with an 'action' of 'New' and supply the 'passcode' that will be used to protect and upload the new sync data to KMS.If the 'syncPasscodeState' is 'Existing', then bbmcore has found existing sync data in the KMS and your application must do one of the following.Your application can send 'syncStart' with an 'action' of 'Existing' to supply a 'passcode' to use when unprotecting the existing sync data. The 'setupState' will move to 'state' 'SyncStarted' during the attempt.If the attempt to unprotect the sync data works, endpoint sync has finished and the 'setupState' will move to 'state' 'Ongoing'.If the attempt doesn't work, 'setupState' will move back to 'state' 'SyncRequired' and a 'syncError' response will be sent by bbmcore indicating the reason for the error. Your application can take one of these actions again.Your application can send 'syncStart' with an 'action' of 'New' to delete all existing sync data from KMS and start again with newly generated sync data protected by the new 'passcode'. In response, bbmcore will move the 'setupState' to 'state' 'SyncStarted'. All other endpoints will be automatically deregistered and will have to go through setup again during which they will have to provide the new 'passcode' value (as an 'Existing' action).If successful, the 'setupState' will move to 'state' 'Ongoing'.If unsuccessful, the 'setupState' will return to 'state' 'SyncRequired' and a 'syncError' response will be sent by bbmcore indicating the reason for the error.


Property Documentation

◆ action

- (BBMSyncStartMessageAction) action

This field is ignored by bbmcore unless your application uses the BlackBerry Key Management Service.This controls whether the passcode is being used to try to unprotect existing keys or to protect new keys. See the message description for more information.


◆ passcode

- (NSString*) passcode

This is the passcode used to protect sync data in the BlackBerry Key Management Service.