• BlackBerry Spark AppSecure
  • Security library for Android applications
  • 0.7.915.0
Principal Interfaces


BlackBerry Spark AppSecure is a framework for enabling developers to include security checks powered by the BlackBerry UES platform within their iOS and Android applications. App developers can ensure that security is continuously verified whilst having the flexibility to define the most appropriate responses to security checks for their end users.

Getting Started

To receive notification when security threats are detected, developers are only required to integrate SecurityControl and ThreatStatus. Follow the step by step process in the Developer Guide. Once your application is receiving alerts to potential threats you'll need to decide, based on your business requirements, what actions to take.

Sample Application

Explore a fictitious consumer banking application called 'Pyrite Financial' on GitHub which demonstrates how to integrate security checks into your application.

Further Integration

Integrate the following optional checks into your application.

  • AppAuthentication - Require users to set a password and subsequently login with a password or biometrics to access your application.
  • Encrypt your application data in the Secure File System or Secure Shared Preferences.
  • ContentChecker - Detect security threats within content and protect your app users, especially where user generated content is handled.
  • DeviceChecker - Execute device security checks before permitting a high risk action to be taken by an end user.