BlackBerry Spark Communications Services for iOS  1.9.0
BBMSyncPasscodeChangeMessage Class Reference
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Instance Methods

(id) - initWithPasscode:
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(NSString *) - requestData
(NSDictionary *) - requestDict


NSString * passcode

Detailed Description

Represents the syncPasscodeChange protocol message.

Applications that use the BlackBerry Key Management Service (KMS) send this message to bbmcore on an endpoint that has completed setup in order to change the passcode that must be provided by 'syncStart' on new endpoints.

This message uses information already known to this endpoint to protect the existing sync data in KMS with the new 'passcode'. The old passcode is not required and will not be checked. Because of this, applications can let users change the sync passcode without knowing the current sync passcode. In all circumstances, applications should take steps to re-confirm the identity of the user with a relevant credentials challenge before issuing this request to bbmcore.

The result of this action is reported by 'syncPasscodeChangeResult'. Applications must not issue overlapping requests.

This action does not deregister existing endpoints (unlike 'syncStart' with 'action' 'New').

It is an error to send a 'syncPasscodeChange' request when your application isn't using the BlackBerry Key Management Service or when setup hasn't yet completed.


Property Documentation

◆ passcode

- (NSString*) passcode

The passcode to use when re-protecting the identity's existing sync data.