BlackBerry Spark Communications Services for iOS  1.9.0
BBMChatMessage_RefBy Class Reference
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BBMSubElement BBMElementBase


unsigned long long count
NSString * tag
unsigned long long newestRef
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 The parent element.
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 The container (BBMLiveList or BBMLiveMap) holding this element. More...

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(BBMDSModel *) - masterModel
(id) - objectForKeyedSubscript:
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(NSString *) + identifierOfElement:

Detailed Description

See 'ref' for an explanation of 'ref' and 'refBy'.This field will be omitted entirely if there are no references from other messages.


Property Documentation

◆ count

- (unsigned long long) count

The number of messages referencing this message via the tag. To find all messages that refer to a given message, use 'requestListMatching' with this 'tag' and the 'messageId' of this referred-to 'chatMessage'.


◆ newestRef

- (unsigned long long) newestRef

The newest messageId referencing this message via the tag. If this contains the id of an element that does not currently exist in the 'chatMessage' list, then this message references another message that has been removed. This will not be the empty string.


◆ tag

- (NSString*) tag

Your application-specified tag that indicates what kind of reference it is. Edit - This message has been edited by the referring message. To allow edits from the original sender only, use the following behaviour. If the 'senderUri' matches that of the referring message, that message's 'content' and/or other fields (depending on what makes sense in your application) should be displayed in place of the 'content' from this original message or any previously received messages with an 'Edit' ref. If the 'senderUri' of the referencing message does not match, this 'refBy' must be ignored (and possibly even removed with 'chatMessageRefRemove') and it must be treated as if it were not an edit.If this message also has a 'ref' with tag 'Edit', the referencing message indicated by this 'refBy' must be ignored. An 'Edit' can not itself be edited. Instead, send a new message with an 'Edit' 'ref' to the original message that is to be edited.

Quote - This message has been quoted by the referring message.

Thread - This message belongs to a thread that has the referring messages as its children.