BlackBerry Spark Communications Services Guide

RichChat for Web

The RichChat application is an in-depth and feature rich example that shows how to use the SDK for JavaScript in an application setting. RichChat can be used as-is, or you can modify the RichChat example to gain a better understanding of the SDK for JavaScript.

This example is included as part of the SDK package.




With RichChat, you can:


Run yarn install in the RichChat application directory to install the required packages.

Visit the Getting Started with Web section to see the minimum requirements.

To use the RichChat example without authentication, you must configure the DOMAIN_ID parameter in its js/config_mock.js file with your application's sandbox domain.


You can also configure RichChat to use a real identity provider. Instructions are provided for both Configuring Web Examples to use Google Sign-In and Google People and Configuring Web Examples to use Azure Active Directory.