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BBDXamarinForms.iOS.Interfaces.AppKinetics.IBBDServiceClientiOS Interface Reference

Interface containing additional API for iOS for IBBDServiceClient. More...

Public Member Functions

bool CancelRequest (string requestId, string application)


EventHandler< StartSendingEventArgsStartSending

Detailed Description

Interface containing additional API for iOS for IBBDServiceClient.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CancelRequest()

bool BBDXamarinForms.iOS.Interfaces.AppKinetics.IBBDServiceClientiOS.CancelRequest ( string  requestId,
string  application 

Call this function to cancel AppKinetics service requests. The application can only cancel requests that it sent, not requests sent by other applications.

This function can be used to cancel a single service request. Specify the unique identifier of the request, which will have been generated when Common.Interfaces.AppKinetics.IBBDServiceClient.SendTo(string, string, string, string, object, Common.Interfaces.SecureStorage.IBBDFileEntry[], Common.Interfaces.AppKinetics.Enums.BBDICCForegroundOptions) was called.

Cancellation will fail if the service request has already been delivered.

requestIdString containing the identifier of the request to be cancelled.
applicationString containing the native application identifier of the recipient to which the request or requests were sent.
true if one or more requests were cancelled. false otherwise. This function returns false if there is no service request that matches the specified values, or if none of the requests that match could be cancelled.

Event Documentation

◆ StartSending

EventHandler<StartSendingEventArgs> BBDXamarinForms.iOS.Interfaces.AppKinetics.IBBDServiceClientiOS.StartSending

Occurs whenever the delivery of a service request file attachment through the AppKinetics system starts. The path of the file is passed as a parameter.

Invocation of this event notifies the application that the AppKinetics system has started transferring the data in the file to the recipient of the service request.

The event handler could display a sending status in its user interface.