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GDCredential Struct Reference

User identity credential certificate chain. More...

#include <GDCredential.h>

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Detailed Description

This structure is used to represent user identity electronic certificate credentials that are stored in the BlackBerry Dynamics secure store.

A user identity credential:

The auxiliary certificates don't include a certificate for the trusted root CA itself.

These credentials are part of the BlackBerry Dynamics User Credentials Profile (UCP) configuration.

The GDCredential_list function returns instances of this structure.

Member Data Documentation

The leaf or user client certificate, encapsulated in a GDX509Certificate structure.

size_t auxCount

A size_t representation of the number of auxiliary certificates in this structure. The count doesn't include the leaf certificate, of which there is always one.

The auxiliary intermediate certificates, represented as one of the following.

  • An array of GDX509Certificate structures, if auxCount is more than zero.
  • NULL if auxCount is zero.

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