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GDServiceDetail Class Reference

Details of a provided service. More...

#import <BlackBerryDynamics/GD/GDServiceDetail.h>

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This class is used to return information about a provided service. The services property of a GDServiceProvider object is a collection of instances of this class.

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithService:andVersion:andServiceType:
 Initializer. More...


NSString * identifier
 BlackBerry Dynamics service identifier. More...
NSString * version
 BlackBerry Dynamics service version. More...
GDServiceType serviceType
 Indicator of the type of the provided service, either application-based or server-based. More...

Method Documentation

◆ initWithService:andVersion:andServiceType:

- (instancetype) initWithService: (NSString *)  identifier
andVersion: (NSString *)  version
andServiceType: (GDServiceType type 

The initializer is provided for completeness. In general, there is no need for the application code to create instances of this class.

Property Documentation

◆ identifier

- (NSString*) identifier

◆ version

- (NSString*) version

◆ serviceType

- (GDServiceType) serviceType

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