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GDAppEvent Class Reference

Event dispatched from the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime. More...

#import <GDiOS.h>

Inherits NSObject.


This class is used to deliver events to the GDiOS event handler in the application. See GDiOSDelegate.

Protected Attributes

NSString * message
 Textual description of the event. More...
GDAppResultCode code
 Numeric result code. More...
GDAppEventType type
 Numeric event type. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ message

- (NSString *) message

This property contains a textual description of the event. The text is suitable for display to the end user, at least for reporting diagnostic information for support purposes.

◆ code

- (GDAppResultCode) code

This property contains a numeric result code. For success events, the GDErrorNone code is used. Other values in the GDAppEvent::code enumeration are used for errors.

◆ type

- (GDAppEventType) type

This property contains a numeric type code. To determine the type of event being notified, compare this property's value to the constants in the GDAppEvent::type enumeration.

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