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NSMutableURLRequest(GDNET) Category Reference

NSMutableURLRequest category with additional features. More...

#import <NSMutableURLRequest+GDNET.h>


This class is a category of the Foundation NSMutableURLRequest class that can be used when the BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure is in use via the URL Loading System (see GDURLLoadingSystem). This class provides additional features to the default request class.

This documentation includes only additional operations that are not part of the default NSMutableURLRequest API.

See also
NSMutableURLRequest class reference on the apple.com developer website.

Authentication error-handling

Authentication errors may be encountered when this class is in use. For example, the combination of user name and password may be rejected by the server that receives the HTTP request.

Instance Methods

(BOOL) - setAuthorizationCredentials:withProtectionSpace:
 Specify authorization credentials. More...
(BOOL) - undoPriorTrustDecision
 Cancel persistence of a stored server trust credential. More...

Method Documentation

◆ setAuthorizationCredentials:withProtectionSpace:

- (BOOL) setAuthorizationCredentials: (NSURLCredential *)  credentials
withProtectionSpace: (NSURLProtectionSpace *)  space 

Call this function to set the authorization credentials that will be sent if the response to the URL request contains an authentication challenge.

Authorization credentials would usually be sent in response to receiving NSURLConnectionDelegate didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge.

Server and proxy credentials can both be set, in separate calls to the function.

This function can only be used when the BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure is in use via the URL Loading System.

credentialsNSURLCredential containing the username and password.
spaceNSURLProtectionSpace containing the following:
Hostname or address,
Port number,
Authentication method,
Proxy indicator.

◆ undoPriorTrustDecision

- (BOOL) undoPriorTrustDecision

Call this function to cancel the persistence of a server trust credential. Persistence must have been set via the NSURLCredential(GDNET) gdPersistence property, so that the credential is being managed by the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime.

Credentials managed by the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime are stored persistently in the BlackBerry Dynamics secure store on the mobile device. The URL of the NSMutableURLRequest object on which this method is called will be used by the runtime to identify the server certificate.

YES if a persistent server trust credential was found and cancelled.
NO otherwise.
See also
The class reference of the NSURLCredential(GDNET) category for the programming interface and implications of setting persistence.

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