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GDWebView Class Reference

Replacement for native widget class. More...

Inherits WebView.


This class is a replacement for the native android.webkit.WebView class. BlackBerry Dynamics applications must utilize this class instead of the native class.

This class has the same programming interface as the native class.

This class doesn't support encryption of text for secure cut-copy-paste operations; it only supports blocking. See the package reference for discussion.

This class doesn't use the BlackBerry Dynamics proxy infrastructure to retrieve resources. For example:

  • A call to the loadUrl method will fail if the specified location is behind the enterprise firewall, or otherwise not accessible from the Internet.
  • If an HTML img tag specifies in its src attribute a location that isn't accessible from the Internet, then the image won't appear.

This class prevents form data being saved when utilizing the Android autofill framework and data loss prevention (DLP) is enabled by policy. See Android Autofill framework on the android.com developer website.

See also
android.webkit.WebView class reference on the android.com developer website.
com.good.gd.widget package reference for details of secure cut-copy-paste operations and data leakage prevention.