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Quick Facts

  • Leveraged BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK to port an Enyo-based application to the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
  • Re-designed ReadOnTouch PRO’s user interface and ported it to the BlackBerry 10 platform
  • Benefited from straightforward documentation and relationship with Research In Motion® (RIM®) development team
  • Receives direct feedback from passionate BlackBerry user community

BlackBerry Developer Success Story — Sven Ziegler

German developer Sven Ziegler has had a keen interest in technology since studying computer science more than a decade ago. Ziegler began developing mobile applications on his own in 2011, and recently released the ReadOnTouch PRO app for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The app allows users to save articles onto a reading list directly from their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and read them whenever they want, whether online or not. Users can also choose specific formatting, different themes and font sizes. In November 2012, Ziegler also ported the application to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Ziegler spoke to us about working with the cross-platform Enyo JavaScript Application Framework and BlackBerry WebWorks SDK to port the application, his experience working with Research In Motion and the passionate BlackBerry user community.

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Q: Describe your experience porting your Enyo-based application to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK?

Sven: It was very quick and easy to download the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK and use Enyo to package the application. It required very few steps to set up the environment. After learning the process of signing and packaging the app, it was easy to adapt my build scripts to handle everything for me. It was also easy to create integrated user interface features because Enyo really offers a lot for HTML5/JavaScript developers. I really appreciated the flexibility and straightforwardness of working with all of these tools. In November 2012 I completely re-designed the app’s user interface and ported it to the BlackBerry 10 platform. It's currently available for my beta testers as a release candidate. It was a very straightforward process and I’m looking forward to its full release.

Q: How important was your relationship with the RIM development team?

Sven: I started developing for Research In Motion in February 2012, when I participated in a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet developer promotion. Since then I’ve formed relationships with a few RIM developer representatives and they’ve always been able to help me and guide me in the right direction. It’s been a real pleasure to work with them and meet them in person at various BlackBerry events. When I ported my app to the BlackBerry 10 platform I worked very closely with the great developer relations team and it was, once again, a great experience. I’ve also benefited from the development forums and documentation available online.

Q: How would you describe the RIM user community?

Sven: It’s clear to me that the RIM user community is really passionate about their BlackBerry devices. They really appreciate good applications and are very thankful when a developer responds to their questions. For me, that’s one of the most important parts of my work. Having the ability to get in touch with your customers and understand their point of view and what they like or dislike is crucial to developing the sorts of applications that will have a lasting impact and remain popular. The BlackBerry community is invested in helping developers release great apps and takes the time to provide constructive feedback to help make that happen.

Q: What do you think about the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet itself?

Sven: I love the device. It has more than enough power to run really great games and I love being able to leverage BlackBerry Bridge™ and link it to my BlackBerry Bold™ 9900. Just having the ability to connect the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to my television and use my BlackBerry smartphone as a remote control has been unbelievable. It’s an exciting platform to develop for and I’m happy I made the decision to begin developing BlackBerry PlayBook tablet applications.

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