Quick Facts

  • Company incorporated in 2012
  • BlackBerry 10 app launched on June 1, 2013
  • As of April 2014, application downloads have exceeded 25,000

Company Background

Incorporated in 2012, HotelQuickly became the answer to the long-awaited need for easy access to last-minute, same-day hotel rooms at competitive rates in the Asia Pacific region. A tool for the 'spontaneous, professional, tech savvy, and open minded,' the group found that there had been an unanswered high demand for a service that caters to the region's new wave of travellers - ones that require, or prefer to leave, hotel booking at the absolute last minute.

Based in Hong Kong, HotelQuickly offers steep discounts on hotels in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Macau, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. Room rates on the app are on average 28% cheaper than the cheapest flash deal anywhere online. With its expansive regional reach and the competitive pricing, the company is poised to achieve success.

The Challenge

However, a business is only as successful as how accessible it is to the right consumers. Hotel Quickly knew it needed to have a presence in the right mobile platforms that would provide access directly to their target market: active, tech-savvy and socially-connected people likely to require last-minute yet up-market bookings - in other words: business executives and frequent flyers. It was thus no surprise that the mobile platform of choice to reach this target market was BlackBerry®.

The Solution

"Business travellers rely on BlackBerry, and we expect wide adaptation of the new handhelds across Asia Pacific," said Christian Mischler, Co-Founder & COO, Hotel Quickly. "As this segment is one of our prime targets, the decision to develop a native application for the new BlackBerry OS came naturally."

Developing an app for BlackBerry® World™ turned out to be a great experience for Mischler and his team as Cascade-based projecting shortened the time it took for them to complete the development process. Mischler found that the result exceeded his expectations for its smoothness, as well as the experience of the user interface.


"Business travellers rely on BlackBerry... As this segment is one of our prime targets, the decision to develop a native application for the new BlackBerry OS came naturally." Christian Mischler, Co-Founder & COO, Hotel Quickly

The development of a BlackBerry® World™ application for HotelQuickly turned out to be a great decision.

Launched on June 1, 2013, and without the use of proactive app pushing or advertising, the HotelQuickly app for BlackBerry® World™ has received more than 25,000 downloads within 10 months, with a current average growth of approx. 200 additional downloads per day. HotelQuickly has also received a significant amount of positive feedback from BlackBerry® users which has added to the rate of organic downloads from app referrals to friends.

On top of that, as it is a Built for BlackBerry® (BFB) application, the HotelQuickly app was promoted by BlackBerry® World™ in some countries which further helped spread word about the company and drive even more downloads.

"We are proud to have a native app for BlackBerry. We've received positive feedback from our users who now use HotelQuickly to book their hotels."

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