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  • Six BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet apps and one BlackBerry smartphone app total more than 100,000 combined downloads since June 1, 2011
  • Work closely with BlackBerry® to promote applications across multiple forms of media
  • Consider high-quality screen and easy-to-handle size as major differentiators of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Plan to port BlackBerry PlayBook tablet apps to BlackBerry® 10 platform

BlackBerry Developer Success Story — Allegro Music

When Lizette Weber was pregnant with her first daughter 11 years ago, she began to compose a number of children’s songs. Lizette eventually created an entire series of songs based on the “Ludi el Pirata” character. After launching 2 CDs, a line of children’s activity books and a website, Lizette wanted to offer children a way to interact more closely with the characters. As a result, she met with BlackBerry to get some ideas on how to leverage BlackBerry technology. Soon after, Lizette worked together with Rancho Digital, Allegro Music’s Digital Agency. Since then, “Ludi el Pirata” has appeared in one BlackBerry smartphone app and six BlackBerry PlayBook tablet applications.

Lizette, the Director and Owner of Allegro Music, talked to us about how her applications encourage children and their families to: be creative, the benefits of releasing interactive BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet applications, and why Lizette thinks her unique business partnership with BlackBerry has been so successful.

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Q: Describe your series of applications?

Lizette: The applications I have built are all geared towards children and their families. The apps promote an appreciation of creativity, as well as the importance of positive leadership. Every application is based on the activities of Ludi el Pirata and his two sidekick characters, and each app encourages different learning experiences.

For example, “Ludi Dibuja” is a drawing app that allows children to draw with their fingers on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. I also created “Ludi Memoria” which is a memory game, and “Ludi Ritmos”, which is a musical app that allows children to learn about instruments and create their own rhythms and melodies. Each application is linked to original music making it easier and more fun for children to learn.

Q: Why did you decide to partner with BlackBerry and develop applications for the BlackBerry smartphone and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet?

Lizette: I met with a BlackBerry representative at a technology conference in early 2011. At that time, we had already created a number of different products based on the same characters, but I knew how familiar children were becoming with technology. In order to make the characters and activities relevant to tech-savvy children, it was important to make them available in the most interactive environment possible.

I find that BlackBerry smartphones are quite popular in Mexico. The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is also a great tool because it’s easy for parents to carry and for children to use. The BlackBerry PlayBook screen is beautiful, and children can interact with the games very easily. I’ve been very pleased and that’s why we’re now looking into porting the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform. We want the apps to be available on the new wave of BlackBerry 10 smartphones. I think they’ll look fantastic.

Q: Why has the partnership you’ve established with BlackBerry been so successful?

Lizette: BlackBerry has taken a real interest in helping my project succeed. They have also clearly recognized that my app promotes something very positive for families. The characters appear across different types of media, like books, CDs and even live concerts. We’ve worked closely with BlackBerry on a number of unique cross-promotional projects. We advertise the applications in our show’s playbills, in our activity books and through video promotions. It’s been a win-win situation for us and for BlackBerry. For BlackBerry to take such an active role in our success has been a great experience. The lines of communication have been strong from day one. I hope my experience serves as a lesson to other developers and business people about how invested BlackBerry is in the success of their customers.

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