Why BlackBerry?

Platform choice, ease of development, and global opportunity are just some of the reasons to bring your app to BlackBerry.

Business Opportunity

Did you know that BlackBerry World™ is the most profitable mobile application store for developers? According to Evans Data Corporation, 13% of vendors using BlackBerry World are making over $100,000 which is more than Apple®, Android™ and Windows Mobile.

With an incredible reach of over 75 million subscribers, integrated credit card, PayPal® and carrier billing the opportunities are endless. Match this up with BlackBerry advertising and payment services and you have a winning combination

The highly integrated nature of the BlackBerry operating system allows you to wire your application into the daily functionality of the smartphone making your application a Super App.

Integrating your application with BBM™ functionality has shown to increase downloads to the affect that BBM enabled applications make up for 20% of apps downloaded from BlackBerry World!

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Developer Choice

BlackBerry is an open platform that provides a variety of development languages and runtimes designed to fit your skills. Your choice of development language will be based on a combination of familiarity, pre-existing codebase, and the target devices you're looking to serve.

Each application approach (Android™, Adobe® AIR®, HTML5/WebWorks, Native C/C++) is tailored for the developer communities supporting these environments.

Whether you are looking to create a tailored BlackBerry experience using Native/Webworks/Java or wanting to take your application code base cross platform with HTML5/Android/Adobe AIR, there's a solution for you.


BlackBerry offers a wide range of programs to foster collaboration and communication within the BlackBerry Developer Community