Launch the QNX Integrated Development Environment (QNX)


qde [-consoleLog] [-data path] [-debug options_file]
    [-nospash] [-refresh]
    [-vmargs args]


Write error messages to the console.
-data path
Set the IDE's workspace to the path directory.
-debug options_file
Run QDE in debug mode, loading its options from options_file.
Start QDE without displaying the splash screen.
Force a workspace refresh when QDE starts up.
-vmargs args
Pass args unchanged to the Java VM on Windows and Linux. The most common VM options are used to control the stack and heap available to the VM.
  • -Xms heap_size — Set the initial Java heap size to heap_size.
  • -Xmx heap_size — Set the maximum Java heap size to heap_size.
  • -Xss stack_size — Set the Java thread stack size to stack_size.

Under Windows, the default -vmargs are -Xms256m and -Xmx512m.

The -vmargs option isn't supported by qde on BlackBerry PlayBook OS.


On Linux and Windows development hosts, qde launches the QNX Momentics Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a powerful set of tools based on the Eclipse Platform. It integrates several QNX-specific plugins designed for building projects for target systems running the BlackBerry PlayBook OS.

For more information, please refer to the IDE User's Guide .