Supported media

The multimedia renderer supports playback of tracks and playlists.

A track is an audio or video file such as and MP3 or MP4 file. A playlist is a list of URLs to tracks.

The following types of playlists are supported:

  • M3U files — the input URL must be a full path (without a file: prefix) of a file with an M3U file extension. In its simplest form, the M3U file is a plain-text file containing the pathnames or URLs of the tracks to play (one per line).
  • SQL queries — the input URL must be of the form sql:database?query=querystring , where database is a full path to a database file, and querystring is an SQL query that returns a column of track names. If the query contains any reserved characters, they must be URL-encoded (for example, use %26 instead of &).