Structure that represents the descriptor for metadata packets encapsulated with a specific buffer.


#include <camera/camera_api.h>
typedef struct  {
    uint32_t flags ;
    camera_metaformat_t format ;
    int64_t size ;
    uint8_t data [];


uint32_t flags
Do not use. Reserved for future use.
camera_metaformat_t format
The type of metadata format that is in this packet.
int64_t size
The size of the metadata in this packet in bytes. The length excludes the header.
uint8_t data
The metadata as an array of bytes.




For example, the camera_buffer_t::framemeta entries.

You can have more than one packet for a given image and each packet is represented by a camera_metapacket_t structure. You can use the size field in the camera_metapacket_t structure to determine the start of the next packet. As long as you do not exceed the size indicated by the overall metadata buffer size which is indicated by the framemetasize field in the camera_buffer_t structure.