bps_event_payload_t struct reference

Structure that represents the payload of an event.


struct bps_event_payload_t {
    uintptr_t data1 ;
    uintptr_t data2 ;
    uintptr_t data3 ;


uintptr_t data1
Payload data.
uintptr_t data2
Payload data.
uintptr_t data3
Payload data.




The bps_event_payload_t structure represents the payload of a BPS event. Events carry three data members as payload. These data members may contain the event's data themselves, or they may be pointers to additional data pertaining to the event. In most cases, an application does not need to use the data members, because a service will provide accessor methods. An application may use the bps_event_payload_t structure when creating its own events.

Note that if an event's payload contains dynamically allocated resources, they should be freed in the event's destructor function, which is called by bps_event_destroy() .