Structure to contain audio device details.


struct audiodevice_details_t {
    audiodevice_device_t device ;
    bool connected ;
    int numchans ;
    char * order ;
    char * path ;
    char * audioconfig ;
    bool input ;
    bool volumecontrol ;
    audiodevice_device_t dependency ;


audiodevice_device_t device
The audio device that these details apply to.
bool connected
Whether the audio device is connected.
int numchans
The number of channels of the audio device.
char * order
The order of the channels of the audio device.
char * path
The path of the audio device.
char * audioconfig
The audioconfig of the audio device.
bool input
Whether the device has input.
bool volumecontrol
Whether the device supports volume control.
audiodevice_device_t dependency
The device that this device is dependent on.
The device has no effect unless the dependency is also connected. If there is no dependency, this field will have a value of AUDIODEVICE_DEVICE_UNRECOGNIZED.





Use audiodevice_info_t

The audiodevice_details_t structure contains the details of an audio device, such as the connection status, number of channels, and so on.