Functions to play system sounds.

This file defines the sound player service, which provides functions for playing system sounds.

You can play system sounds by calling soundplayer_play_sound() . For increased performance, you can call soundplayer_prepare_sound() before calling the soundplayer_play_sound() function. Calling the soundplayer_prepare_sound() function can improve the response time of the soundplayer_play_sound() function.

Currently, the following system sounds are available, and you can pass these values to soundplayer_prepare_sound() and soundplayer_play_sound() :

  • input_keypress
  • notification_general
  • notification_sapphire
  • alarm_battery
  • event_browser_start
  • event_camera_shutter
  • event_recording_start
  • event_recording_stop
  • event_device_lock
  • event_device_unlock
  • event_device_tether
  • event_device_untether
  • event_video_call
  • event_video_call_outgoing
  • system_master_volume_reference