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BlackBerry Native Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio
Release Notes

Known issues

This section lists known issues for the BlackBerry Native Plug-in (version 1.0) for Microsoft Visual Studio.


Debug breakpoints aren't hit on the BlackBerry PlayBook.
Workaround: Since short path names are used by GDB (e.g., /src/PARTIC~1.CPP), ensure source files are named differently to avoid conflicts.


Registering keys that have already been registered causes incorrect notifications to the user.
Workaround: Use keys that have not been registered yet.


Able to build a project while in a debug session.
Workaround: Stop the debug session, build the project, and start a new debug session.


On Windows 8, unable to run a macro when a breakpoint is hit.


Cancelling the Break Function window causes an error message.
Workaround: Put back the missing breakpoint.


Changes made to the bar-descriptor.xml file are not reflected on the device.
Workaround: Manually remove the application from the device and deploy the application again.


Opening a bar-descriptor.xml file using File > Open (or CRTL-O) while the project tree is not open in the solution causes errors.


Setting MSBuild project build output verbosity to Minimal/Quiet requires you to build twice.
Workaround: Set the build output to Normal/Detailed.


The bar-descriptor.xml file editor strips out all comments when you open the bar-descriptor.xml file
Workaround: Save the file.


If you are debugging and your device screen locks, debugging stops until you unlock your screen.
Workaround: Set the device screen lock time to a longer time.


Debugging a multi-threaded application on a PlayBook can hang debugging.
Workaround: Stop the debugging, remove the breakpoints in the thread, and begin debugging again.


Unable to edit value in locals and watch window while debugging.
Workaround: Use immediate window for this task.


Once you start a deploy, you must wait until the deploy completes.


If you deploy an application in non-development/signed (Release) mode and then redeploy it in development/unsigned (Debug) mode, the subsequent deployment fails, as blackberry-deploy attempts to overwrite a signed application, which is read only.
Workaround: Manually delete the signed application from the device and then redeploy it.


If you continue execution after hitting breakpoints, debugging works as expected and stops at each subsequent breakpoint. If you continue execution after stepping through breakpoints, some subsequent breakpoints will be skipped. (201809)


When you attempt to deploy your application the output "Deploy: 0 succeeded, 0 failed, 1 skipped" might appear. Ensure that the Deploy checkbox is selected in the Configuration Manager.


A warning relating to the Linker's OutputFile property value appears on Build. This warning does not affect the build or deployment process.

Last Modified: March 19, 2013