Filesystem limits

Under the BlackBerry PlayBook OS, filesystems aren't part of the kernel or core operating system; they're provided by separately loadable processes or libraries.

This means that:

  • There's no one set limit or rule for filesystems under BlackBerry PlayBook OS; the limits depend on the filesystem in question and on the process that provides access to that filesystem.
  • You can provide your own filesystem process or layer that can almost transparently override or change many of the underlying values.

The sections that follow give the limits for the supported filesystems. Note the following:

  • Lengths for filenames and pathnames are in bytes, not characters.
  • Many of the filesystems that BlackBerry PlayBook OS supports use a 32-bit format. This means that files are limited to 2 GB − 1 bytes. This, in turn, limits the size of a directory, because the file that stores the directory's information is limited to 2 GB − 1 bytes.