The /etc directory contains host-specific system files and programs used for administration and configuration, including the files listed in this topic.

A directory that contains default configuration files, primarily for TCP/IP facilities.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol configuration; see /etc/dhcpd.conf in the Utilities Reference.
User account group definitions.
Network hostname lookup database; see /etc/hosts in the Utilities Reference.
Internet super-server configuration file that defines Internet services that inetd starts and stops dynamically as needed.
The descriptions in the default version of this file are commented out; uncomment the ones that you want to use. See /etc/inetd.conf in the Utilities Reference.
A directory where you usually keep local system-initialization files.
A directory that includes files and directories used when you boot the system, including:
  • /etc/system/sysinit—the main script for initializing the system.
  • /etc/system/enum—the location of configuration files for the enumerators.