The /boot directory contains files and directories related to creating bootable OS images (image filesystems). Image filesystems contain OS components, your executables, and data files that need to be present and running immediately upon bootup. For general information on this topic, see the Making an OS Image chapter in the Building Embedded Systems guide, and mkifs in the Utilities Reference.

This directory includes:

This directory contains the mkifs buildfiles used to build OS images. The buildfiles for a standard x86-based Neutrino system are qnxbase.build and qnxbasedma.build.
By convention, we use this directory to store image filesystems built by mkifs. To boot from one of the images, you'll need to copy it to /.boot on a bootable QNX 4-filesystem device first.
IPL and startup code are located here. This is one of the paths searched by the mkifs utility as it tries to resolve components named in the buildfile.