When you create a new user account, the user's initial .profile is copied from /etc/skel/.profile. Here's what's in that file:

# default .profile
if test "$(tty)" != "not a tty"; then
echo 'edit the file .profile if you want to change your environment.'
echo 'To start the Photon windowing environment, type "ph".'

This profile runs the tty utility to get the name of the terminal that's open as standard input. If there is a terminal, .profile simply displays a couple of helpful hints.

You might want to set some environment variables:

The path to your favorite editor (the default is elvis ).
The name of the profile that ksh should run whenever you start a shell.

The code for these changes could look like this:

export EDITOR=/usr/local/bin/jed
export ENV=$HOME/.kshrc