2.3. Error Numbers

The <errno.h> header file defines the following additional error numbers:

Number Meaning
EADV Advertise error
EBADE Invalid exchange
EBADFD FD invalid for this operation
EBADFSYS Corrupted filesystem detected
EBADR Invalid request descriptor
EBADRPC RPC struct is bad
EBADRQC Invalid request code
EBADSLT Invalid slot
EBFONT Bad font file
ECHRNG Channel number out of range
ECOMM Communication error on send
ECTRLTERM Remap to the controlling terminal
EDEADLOCK File locking deadlock
EENDIAN Endian not supported
EFPOS File position error
EHOSTDOWN Host is down
EL2HLT Level 2 halted
EL2NSYNC Level 2 not synchronized
EL3HLT Level 3 halted
EL3RST Level 3 reset
ELIBACC Can't access shared library
ELIBBAD Accessing a corrupted shared library
ELIBEXEC Attempting to exec a shared library
ELIBMAX Attempting to link too many libraries
ELIBSCN .lib section in a.out corrupted
ELNRNG Link number out of range
EMORE More to do, send message again
ENOANO No anode
ENOCSI No CSI structure available
ENOLIC No license
ENONDP Need an NDP to run
ENONET Machine isn't on the network
ENOPKG Package not installed
ENOREMOTE Must be done on local machine
ENOTBLK Block device required
ENOTUNIQ Given name not unique
EOK No error
EOWNERDEAD The owner of a lock died while holding it
EPFNOSUPPORT Protocol family not supported
EPROCUNAVAIL Bad procedure call for program
EPROGMISMATCH Program version wrong
EPROGUNAVAIL RPC prog. not avail
EREMCHG Remote address changed
EREMOTE Object is remote
ERESTART Restartable system call
ERPCMISMATCH RPC version wrong
ESHUTDOWN Can't send after socket shutdown
ESOCKTNOSUPPORT Socket type not supported
ESRMNT Srmount error
ESRVRFAULT Server fault on message pass
ESTRPIPE If pipe/FIFO, don't sleep in stream head
ETOOMANYREFS Too many references: can't splice
EUNATCH Protocol driver not attached
EUSERS Too many users
EXFULL Exchange full

See also errno in the QNX Neutrino C Library Reference.