Request a signing account and signing keys

To start developing applications using the Native SDK, you'll need to request signing keys. The signing keys are free, and you'll need to request them from BlackBerry.

The signing application included with the Native SDK adds cryptographic hash values to your application package (BAR file) during this signing process. The hash values help verify the authorship of your application to other users and the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. The code signing keys also includes a key for generating a debug token, which is required to run your development application on a tablet device. Debug tokens are for tablet devices, not for the simulator.

To request a signing account:
  • If you are an individual developer, or a corporate lead responsible for signing and distribution of applications, request permission to sign BlackBerry Tablet OS applications by completing the web form at After your application is accepted, you'll receive two CSJ registration files by email, a RIM Development Key (RDK) file to sign the application and a PlayBook debug token (PBDT) file to generate debug tokens.
    If you work for a corporation, your organization would own the signing account. In this case, you need to obtain a debug token from your corporate lead for your device. Debug tokens allow you to deploy unsigned applications to your tablet device.
  • Save these registration files on your computer. You will need them when you configure your environment for application deployment.

    After you receive your CSJ registration files, you can configure your computer to create debug tokens. When you create a debug token, you specify the PIN for each tablet on which the token can be used. You can distribute the debug tokens you create to developers to install on those tablets, or install them yourself.

    Debug tokens are valid for 30 days. When a debug token expires, the BlackBerry Tablet OS no longer allows unsigned apps that rely on that token to run. When the token expires, you can generate a new one from the host computer's registered keys.

    For more information about signing applications, see Developing with the Native SDK.