Install and configure the Native SDK

The BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS includes everything you need to develop programs that run under the BlackBerry Tablet OS: compiler, linker, libraries, and an extensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Before installing the Native SDK, make sure your system meets the system requirements.

Download the installer file to a location on your host system, and launch the installation program.

On Mac systems, you will need to double-click the downloaded file to mount the disk image. From the mounted disk, double-click the executable to launch the installation program.

During the installation program, you will be prompted to:

  1. Click Next on the first panel of the installer to begin.
    Mac developers may need to provide an administrator password to continue.
  2. Review and accept the license agreement, and then click Next.
    You must scroll to the end of the license text in order for the I agree option to become active to click Next.
  3. Specify a location where you want to install the software, and then click Next.
    Do not include any spaces in the directory name. Also, keep in mind that if you are installing to a user directory that isn't available to others, the installation will only be accessible by you.
  4. Select where you would like the product icons to appear (on Windows and Mac systems), and then click Next.
  5. Review the pre-installation summary, and then click Install.
  6. Click Done when the installation process completes.

After the installation, if you specified that a shortcut was to be created on your desktop, you'll find an icon for the QNX Momentics IDE on your Windows system. Alternatively, click Start > BlackBerry Native SDK to launch the IDE.

On Linux systems, type ./opt/bbndk-2.1.0/ in a terminal window to launch the IDE if you installed the NDK as the root user. Otherwise, type ./home/username/bbndk-2.1.0/

The pathnames above reflect the default installation directory provided in the installer. If you've provided a different installation directory, adjust the commands accordingly.

On Mac systems, click the alias you specified during the installation process to launch the IDE. Alternatively, navigate to /Developer/SDKs/bbndk-2.1.0/ and run bbndk.command.

If you plan to use Native SDK from the command line, type the following to set the environment variables used by the Native SDK command line tools. The location of bbndk-env will be different if you've chosen an installation folder other than the default.

On Windows:


On Linux, if you installed the Native SDK as a root user:


On Linux, if you installed the Native SDK as a non-root user:


On Mac: