Proprietary libraries

The BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS includes a number of libraries that you can use when you develop your applications.

The proprietary libraries include:

Library Description
BlackBerry Platform Services for C/C++ Developers A single consistent interface that provides event handling and access to a number of platform services on a device, such as clock, LED, orientation, camera, accelerometer, etc.
Screen and Windowing API A composited windowing system that combines and overlays graphics from several different rendering engines, such as Adobe Flash, HTML, OpenGL, and Adobe AIR
Multimedia renderer library A library that supports the development of multimedia applications
Input events library A library that allows applications to receive and process events from input devices
Gestures library A library that supports the interpretation of gestures
Image rendering A library that provides a common interface for loading and rendering images in various formats, such as GIF, JPEG, SVG, and BMP
Camera API A library for accessing the camera on a device to take photos and encode video
Audio library A library for audio applications using the QNX Sound Architecture (QSA)
QNX Neutrino C Library C functions, data types, and protocols that are included as part of the QNX Neutrino RTOS
Dinkum libraries A conforming implementation of the Standard C and C++ libraries