The file structure of the QNX Momentics Tool Suite

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite is organized into host and target areas on your development host.

All your libraries, executables, etc., designed to run on your host system, or development computer. For example, computer running Windows or Linux.
All components that are specific to the target, including the target_override folders, which replace libraries and other files on the target when necessary.

The QNX_HOST environment variable identifies the directory that holds the host-related components:

Diagram showing the host-related directory structure.

The QNX_TARGET environment variable identifies the directory that holds the target-related components:

Diagram showing the target-related directory structure.

QNX Neutrino also uses these environment variables to locate files on the host machine:

The location of the configuration files and licenses for QNX Momentics.
The location of included *.mk files.

Here's where some of the key components are installed:

Component Location
Command-line utilities For the host: $QNX_HOST/usr/bin

For the target: $QNX_TARGET/ platform /bin

Shared libraries $QNX_TARGET/ platform /lib
System header files $QNX_TARGET/usr/include
Documentation Eclipse plugin directory