What is the QNX Momentics Tool Suite?

The QNX Momentics tool suite is a set of tools that allows you to quickly and efficiently build applications for devices.

Here are the main parts of the QNX Momentics tool suite:

QNX Momentics IDE
This is your toolbox on Linux, MAC, and Windows. The IDE's task-oriented interface helps you quickly set up your project, choose your programming language, choose a target processor, compile your code, connect to your target, transfer your application to your target, run it, debug it, profile it, and fine-tune it.
Command-line tools
If you aren't using the IDE, you can use command-line tools to develop applications. For example, you can use qcc to compile and link.
BlackBerry Platform Services, Gestures API, Screen and Windowing API, Camera API, Multimedia, ANSI C, POSIX, Dinkum C++, etc.
How-to guides, references, tutorials, context-sensitive help, etc.