Prepare your device for development

After you install your development environment, the next step is to set up your environment for development.

One of the first things you need to do is to decide whether you want to use a BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for testing applications you develop. Both have advantages as well as trade-offs. Ideally, you should have a device, such as a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, but in most cases, a simulator cover most development scenarios.

When you choose to testing your applications on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you must put it into development mode and upload a debug token. The debug token allows you upload unsigned applications from your development environment to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

When you choose to test your applications on a simulator, you need to run the simulator on the same computer as your development environment.

After you connect your device or simulator to your development computer, you can start the QNX Momentics IDE to create a debug token. At this point, you can use the BlackBerry Tablet OS Deployment Setup Wizard or manually create the debug token and upload it to your device or simulator.