Incremental deployment of unsigned apps

You can perform incremental updates (often referred to as patching) to save time. Incremental updates are useful because the process allows you to update specific binaries and libraries without having to build a BAR application descriptor file. The QNX Momentics IDE default is to rebuild and deploy a application descriptor file to update binaries or libraries for your application. This process can be cumbersome when you need to make minor changes to a binary or library or when you want to make frequent updates.

You can make incremental updates to unsigned applications deployed on your BlackBerry Tablet OS. The OS must be set in development mode. Incremental updates can update libraries and binaries for a deployed application on the OS.

There are several ways to make incremental updates. You can:

  • configure a launch configuration to upload only changed binaries and libraries in the Upload tab
  • use the blackberry-deploy command-line utility
  • use the QNX File Transfer launch configuration or the Target File System Navigator view