Where Files Are Stored?

These are some of the more important files used by the IDE:

Type of file Path Location
Workspace folder $HOME/ide-5.0-workspace Host
.metadata folder (for personal settings) $HOME/ide-5.0-workspace/.metadata Host
Error log $HOME/ide-5.0-workspace/.metadata/.log Host
Developer (The developer devuser home location to access your target system) /accounts/devuser Target
Sandboxes /accounts/1000/appdata Target
Shared /accounts/1000/shared Target
System The entire filesystem (/) Target

On Windows, C:/ is used instead of the HOME environment variable or the C:/Documents and Settings/userid directory (so the spaces in the path name don't confuse any of the tools).

You can specify where you want your workspace folder to reside. For details, see the section Running Eclipse in the Tasks chapter of the Workbench User Guide. (To access the guide, open Help > Help Contents , then select Workbench User Guide from the list.)

Folders accessible to an application

The following table contains descriptions of the folders that an application can accesss. Each application has access to its own working directory in the file system, and might be able to access the shared folder. All path references in your application are relative to the root of the working folder.

app Contains the files installed with your application. These files were packaged with you .bar file. Your application has read-only access to this folder.
data Contains the application's private data. The application has full access to read and write files in this folder.
tmp Contains the application's temporary working files. The application should remove these files regularly. The BlackBerry Tablet OS might remove these files any time the application is not running.
logs Contains system logs for an application. Stdin and stdout are redirected to this directory.
shared Contains subfolders that contain shared data by type. An application can't write to this directory.
shared/bookmarks Contains web browser bookmarks that can be shared among applications.
shared/books Contains eBook files that can be shared among applications.
shared/clipboard Contains data copied or cut from another application.
shared/documents Contains documents that can be shared among applications.
shared/downloads Contains web browser downloads.
shared/misc Contains miscellaneous data that can be shared among applications.
shared/music Contains music files that can be shared among applications.
shared/photos Contains photos that can be shared among applications.
shared/videos Contains videos that can be shared among applications.
shared/voice Contains audio recordings that can be shared among applications.