Set build properties for a project

In the IDE, you can set build properties for the following types of projects:

  • Setting project build properties for a managed project

    You can modify the build properties for managed projects using Project Properties (right-click on a project in the Project Explorer view and select Properties). Some of the Project Properties that you can set for a managed project are:

    • Add extra libraries and library paths (select C/C++ Build > Settings > QCC Linker > Libraries )
    • Change the output options, such as adding Debug, or the Optimize or Instrumentation options ( C/C++ Build > Settings > QCC Compiler > Output Control ). Some options require you to make the change in both the compiler and the linker.
    • Add custom linker or compiler options
    • Add another build variant (build configuration) (Manage Configuration... button in any page of C/C++ Build)
    • To set individual files option use same Properties but on the file/folder.

    To exclude a file from a build, select a file, right-click and then select Exclude from build. To include a folder into the build, it has to be a source folder, or you click on a folder, select Properties, and then deselect the Exclude from build option on the C/C++ Build page. You can use Internal Build or External Make build with the make generation (select C/C++ Build > Tool Chain Editor > Current Builder ).

  • Setting project build properties for a Makefile project

    For a Makefile project, you can change the location where the build starts from, and the make arguments (as well as the command to launch make itself). In addition, you can change the environment variables for the make invocation in the environment subcategory of the C/C++ Build options. If you're using QNX naming conventions for make variables, the same variable can be changed automatically from the Settings tab. If they are defined in make itself, environment variables can't override them unless you use make -e. For all of the other options, you set them in your Makefile.