Supported project types in the IDE

The QNX IDE supports these project types:

  • BlackBerry Tablet OS project

Makefile project

Since the IDE doesn't know what's being built, it would have problems parsing source files (which it does internally to allow navigation, code completion, syntax highlighting, code generation, and refactoring). Therefore, if you use a Makefile project, you have to modify the Indexer (the internal parser) to point it to the Includes, as well as what Defines your parser uses for conditional compilation. The process of determining this is called Discovery, and it can be controlled using Discovery Options.

If you know what includes and defines you want to use, it's easy to specify them directly ( Project > Properties > C/C++ General > Path and Settings ).

QNX project

Managed project

The problem associated with this project type is its inability to perform a build of the project from command line (although, it's possible in simple cases with some additional setup files). In addition, there are restrictions on what you build and how, particularly if you use special steps in the build that involves other tools.

BlackBerry Tablet OS project

A project type that lets you create applications for the BlackBerry Tablet OS. You can configure a BlackBerry Tablet OS project to build for the simulator or for the tablet; depending on whether you want to use the simulator or the tablet, you need to configure the tablet for development.